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colorbar_love2's Journal

The new Color Bar Love.
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All Members , Moderated
This is the new Colorbar Love community. I'm sick of the moderators of the old one not repsecting the users wishes. More than once people have posted bars that a majority of users found to be offensive, and the bars were never removed or placed behind an LJ cut. That will NOT happen here.

All bars must be behind an LJ cut. If they aren't behind a cut, you will be reminded once by myself to cut the image. If the bar still is not cut, the post will be deleted.

You must describe outside of the LJ cut what all the bars you're posting are, especially if you're posting a bar that could possibly be offensive. Some people are allowed to use the net at work, some look from the library, and some could have friends, family, or young children around, so they should know if it is safe to look at the colorbars from there current location.

For now these are the only rules. Put bars behind an LJ cut, and let us know what they are so we know if we want to click. If needed, I'll add more rules later, but for now I think these should be good.

Whenever I have free time I'll do requests as well. I'm currently looking to get into school again so I can get a nice career started, so I don't know how much free time I'll actually have, but if I see a request for something and have the time then I'll do it for you. ^_^ Just please don't get upset if I don't get it done. Once I get into school and/or start working I won't have as much free time as I do now, so I may just not have time to do a request. Also, if you request something, check back once in awhile if you don't have your preferences set to email you about replies. If I don't know what your wanting a bar of *say a music group I've never heard of* I may ask for a sample picture or two so I know what to look up. If I don't know what I'm looking for I can't get pictures for a bar.

If you have a request, please give me info on the type of bar do you want. What colors do you want and how many? I'll do up to 7 no problem. If you want more than 7 colors, you have to tell me what they are. Or, if you want it done in several shades of one color *such as several shades or blue, or several green, etc* let me know. If you want one that has the colors blending into each other like I do with the bars I make for myself, let me know that, too. I want to make sure that if I make you a colorbar, the time spent making it won't be wasted, so I want to know you'll be happy with it.

Other colorbar communities can be promoted here. However, if you spam the community with promotions I'll be forced to delete posts. Try to keep promotions down to once every week or so. Also, any community promotions that do NOT have anything to do with colorbars, will be deleted as soon as they come to my attention. This community is for colorbars.